Category: Board logs

On-board logos of the transfers I have done on a sailing boat. Also highlights of my life, moments or events during my journey; towards, I do not know where …

Delfini che saltano a pura dell'Angelica IV tra Terrasini ed Ustica 0

Dolphins between Terrasini and Ustica

Arriving at the island of Ustica from Terrasini in Sicily, where we left in the morning with a beautiful sailboat, around eleven in the morning we came across a beautiful pack of dolphins. It was a decidedly large pack. These...

Read the measurement corresponding to the center of the cable 0

LBS Tension Model B

Have you ever dismasted and then re-raised? Or, have you ever noticed that you have a soft rigging? Have you ever had the need to measure the rigging tension of your sailboat? Well, to do that there is an instrument...


Visit to the Lanterna (lighthouse) of Genoa

I remember years ago, the quay tale of a Miami motor yacht commander, who asked what that new lighthouse was down there. The sailors of Milan replied to him that he was the Lantern and this said that knowing the...


A beautiful Miss of the seas

It’s a bit ‘that I’m in love with a young lady …! But in the end I went out with this other Miss … and I definitely fell in love … hello .. hello … I spent all Sunday afternoon...

Nomade II sailing boat in Rimini

Nomade II sailing boat in Rimini

I met the owner of this boat, who also gave me his business card … A great … the boat beats the Canadian flag, comes from Canada and it will be all round the Mediterranean, coast to coast, palm in...

Riccione beach and Gabicce promontory 0

Riccione beach and Gabicce promontory

Finally I’m home, lying down a cot in the sun of Riccione. The background of the promoter of Gabicce. What actually Monte San Bartolo. The first mountain that is from Trieste coming up to Pesaro. Behind the Gabicce mountain there...

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