A book about my father Mark Edward Kleckner

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I learned recently, by chance that a book about my Father, Mark Edward Kleckner, was published, this filled me with joy and happiness. The book had been announced during the conference that was held in Urbino of which I speak in this article on my blog: A conference on my Father in his beloved Urbino

The book was written by two great people Picozza and Marcenaro. A book that collects many details about my Father, with which I managed to relive several memories and reconstruct several pieces of the life of my Father Mark Edward Kleckner, which for one case or another I was unable to live and sometimes instead I overheard from behind a door or from under a desk.

Mark Edward Kleckner was an international lawyer and business manager. He has worked in a couple of large companies, including CBS, Techint and finally ABB Sea Sadelmi in Milan, but always around the world in airplanes.

Once I have read all the book, I can write more in this article …

A heartfelt thanks to Eugenio Picozza and Edoardo Marcenaro, the two curators and to all the authors: Paolo Centore, Alberto Clini, Maria Costanza, Annalisa di Giovanni, Vincenzo Franceschelli, William Henry Kleckner (my uncle), Edoardo Marcenaro, Luca Raffaello Perfetti , Eugenio Picozza, Maria Celeste Vettese

Stephen A. Kleckner

I am a computer systems engineer and I have traveled extensively in the sky, on land and by sea. I love nature, the sea and skiing. I am very curious and I am passionate about physics. I have a Mini Morris 850 and I am passionate about LEGO. I love Star Trek.

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