Continuously updated map on the Coronavirus 2020-nCoV by JHU CSSE

I just found this interactive map on the Coronavirus 2020-nCoV made by the JHU CSSE. I thought that this map on the evolution of the coronavirus could be interesting for my friends and I thought to do good thing to insert it in my blog.

The hyperlink to see it directly is this: Wuhan Coronavirus 2020-nCov Global Cases

The hyperlink to see it directly is this: You can see the interactive map on the Coronavirus 2020-nCoV directly below. The map displays cases and deaths in continuous updating. We hope that this new infection will be able to eradicate quickly. We really hope, as soon as I read the first analyzes and the first news, the virus seemed strangely strong and the lesson of the Chinese government, which promptly quarantined first a city of 11 million people, which is not a little, then has enlarged to quarantine to a circle that agglomerates 59 million people, almost like the whole of Italy. This reaction, right, made me think that actually this virus is particularly virulent and that it is particularly dangerous, besides the fact that they don’t know in the least how to react against this disease. Hopefully it will be resolved shortly.


Stephen A. Kleckner

My name is Stephen Augustus Kleckner and I am a boy born in Riccione but raised in Genoa, Italy and around the world as a parcel. I traveled a lot when I was little so I immediately had a very different vision of the world from my schoolmates and friends. I love sailing and sailing, I have circumnavigated Italy 31 times by sailing and done more than 45,000 miles by boat. I love the sea: I can't do without it, I also like mountain walks. I am a very curious person and I like to understand how things work. I am passionate about physics, so much so that I enrolled in university and devour every documentation that passes under my hand. I am also a collector of stamps and LEGO. I have a vintage MINI Morris from 1964. I am a computer systems engineer and analyst. I was a founding member of RICCIONE TV, but unfortunately I made the wrong partners. I love Star Trek and I think we are on a franklin of matter shooting in a dark galaxy, so we should be much more united and law-abiding and respect each other as a species, instead of wars among ourselves. I don't like extremism and fake news.

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