Tsunami of one meter after the earthquake in the Greek island of SAMOS

We missed the tsunami this year!

There was a strong earthquake north of the Greek island of Samos alongside the city of Smyrna in Turkey. Following the earthquake, as was to be expected, unfortunately a tsunami was also generated, due precisely to the earthquake that just occurred on the Greek island of SAMOS.

Unfortunately, there have also been collapses in the Turkish city of Izmir.

Concern for all the islands of the Dodecanese

The boats were made to move away from the islands and ports to take them offshore, to prevent them from breaking or destroying against the coast. Unfortunately there are bad video footage of sailboats breaking their moorings and being carried offshore.

Unfortunately there are already the first deaths under the rubble in the coastal cities of Smyrna in Turkey and also in Greece. We hope that the numbers do not rise above the 14 we are talking about now.

However, there are no alarms for the Italian coasts

Some sites have feared alarms for the Italian coasts, which will not be touched instead.




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