How to bypass GeForce RTX 3060 12 GB ETH limiter on HiveOS

How to do it with HiveOS

So … everyone went crazy to bypass the ETH limiter of the GeForce RTX 3060 Gaming OC 12GB on HiveOS!

Fortunately, a new update on HiveOS was released yesterday, version 0.6-203@210515 which includes a new update of the lolMiner miner: the lolMiner version 1.29.

using lolMiner 1.29

Well with the version of lolMiner 1.29 is included the system to bypass the limiter for the 12 GB GeForce RTX 3060 Gaming OC and then bring it from a measly 25 MH / s to at least 37/38 MH / s you can even get to undermine 42 MH / s …

Change NVIDIA drivers on HiveOS

Once HiveOS has been updated, you must also update or revert to the previous version of the NVIDIA drivers. Yes, because this truck only works with one set of drivers, I have used 460.39 drivers, I will keep you updated on how and what works best.

Bypassare Limitatore ETH Su GeForce 3060 Con HiveOS E LolMiner
Come potete vedere la scheda è passata da 25,48 MH/s a circa 38 MH/s dopo una serie di interruzioni dovute alle prove che stavo eseguendo per i vari settaggi.

As you can see the card went from 25.48 MH / s to about 38 MH / s after a series of interruptions due to the tests I was running for the various settings.
News of this kind had already come out, but it could only be done using Windows and connecting the card to the PCI, without riser and with the use of a dongle, which virtualizes a screen from the HDMI port, while instead now the limiter is bypassed on linux using directly HiveOS and boating to any limiter that NVIDIA has created.



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