Happiness belongs to those who are self-sufficient

Giuseppe Bertuccio D’Angelo meets the hermit guardian of the island of Budelli in Sardinia

Giuseppe Bertuccio D’Angelo is the protagonist of the Happiness project, a project that I follow with great interest. Giuseppe has decided to travel the world to understand what happiness is. Mauro Morandi, on the other hand, is the guardian of the island of Budelli, where the pink beach is or rather where the pink beach was, unfortunately no longer pink.

In all his circling around the world, even in really difficult places to go, such as North Korea, Giuseppe went to meet Mauro: the hermit guardian of the island of Budelli. Their meeting in the house in Cala di Roto, in front of the former pink beach, at least as far as I am concerned, is really moving and happy, perhaps this is also the happiness of being able to be moved by listening to the story of these people. Mauro was a sailor who found himself on the island of Budelli and decided to stay there forever.

Ten questions about happiness posed to a hermit

Giuseppe in his travels, always asks ten questions to the people he meets about happiness and the answers are the most disparate, in this case, said by an elderly person they are still moving and happy, even if there are some problems that Mauro has and that create some anxiety. We hope that Mauro can do what he wants, as he wants and that they leave him in peace to live his life hating that much feared death.

I also found a person who thinks like me about happiness, as Schopenhauer describes it: happiness is a swing between boredom and pain, and in the meantime moments of joy … What is the meaning of life, what is it the purpose of life?

If you want to sign the petition so that Mauro remains guardian of Budelli

You need to inquire a little before signing the petition, below, I have included a few press sources to try to understand why, in my opinion it is meaningless, they want to send Mauro away from Cala di Roto. Anyway, I would leave him to his home and his role, so I signed the petition. Find the link below.

Sign the petition on change.org in favor of Mauro Budelli

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For more information

You can follow Giuseppe’s entire journey here: https://progettohappiness.com

WikiPedia – Island of Budelli

Press sources:



The hermit of Budelli prepares for another anti-eviction war – La Stampa

Coronavirus, the hermit who lives on an island in Sardinia and is not afraid of Covid-19 – Il Messaggero



https://www.sardiniapost.it/cronaca/budelli-60mila-firme-per-il-custode-una-petizione-per-farlo-restare-sullisola/Happiness belongs to those who are self-sufficient … (Aristotle)

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