No audio, no Hackintosh sound 10.9.5 [SOLVED]

It’s been about 3 years since my Hackintosh, when it went on standby and exhumed, no longer produced any sound … conclusion?

I spent about 3 years with a dumb Mac … let’s just say that he spoke very little … Every now and then I restarted it, but those who use Mac or Linux in general Unix know that it restarts little … and therefore silence … silent videos. .. really the desolation, the desert of the Tartars and often I did not want to restart just to hear a video.

In practice it seems that when the computer goes to sleep, or after a few stops, the sound card does not restart anymore. The controls are seen the same so the card is connected, but no sound is produced by the speaker output … Mah …!

Today I got bored … After trying several times to get in touch with a great boss, Lulo, who always gave me a hand, but in this case; with no solution whatsoever, today, fortunately, I managed to get out of it very easily and a little I eat my hands of not having done it before … but let’s pretend nothing happened 🙂 🙂

I searched for the folder from the finder (you can find it on your hard drive)

/ Library / Preferences / Audio /

where inside I found these files: ~ orig ~ orig

I first backed up the folder … in a compressed file, or it would be enough to copy the folder on the desk for security,

then I deleted all its contents inside the folder, you can also do it from the terminal with this command line:

Delete / Library / Preferences / Audio / *

… I restarted and voila …! Now everything works perfectly.

I had tried to solve the problem several times, updating multi-beasts and doing several trucks, but we never managed to solve the problem, every once in a while, poof … it came back, now at least we know that by deleting the 4 files inside you recreate two files inside the folder:

In the end it does not matter the path that was taken to solve a problem: the important thing is to solve it … Thanks again to Lulo who shared with me the silence makes me and my Mac … 🙂 and many attempts to give him voice … 🙂

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