What happens to a sailboat when it capsizes?

Many have wondered…

What happens to a sailboat when it capsizes? Here is a video that demonstrates it … In this video you can see how everything, in fact, turns upside down. It must surely be a disorienting experience, everything overturns and falls to the ground, you too are subject to capsizing inside the boat, along with everything that will fall on you and roll with you.

When the bottom becomes the top it is difficult to keep things supported, gravity changes abruptly, so that everything that is doors or objects supported fall to the new top. Objects inside the lockers, mattresses, books, foodstuffs inside the cockpit refrigerator, dishes placed inside the sink, drawers that open and release all the forks and knives inside. Not to mention heavy objects, such as backpacks, groceries and pots.

On-board instrumentation and engines

I don’t want to imagine the instrumentation badly secured to the hull, boilers, desalinators, everything that is roughly mounted to the hull. In addition, all liquids inside the services, toilets, will be emptied inside the hull by pressure. If the batteries are not well secured they could come out of their housing tearing the cables or in any way damaging the circuit. The engine, if it is not an engine designed for overturning, could have problems and shut down, as could start to overflow propellant inside the hull.

The water enters from the companionway

A large amount of water enters the cabin. Water that, if the boat does not return to its normal position, begins to increase, for this reason it would be advisable to prepare a pipe connected to the bilge pump, in order to be able to also suck water from the floor to the ceiling of the boat. It could be a big deal to get overturned with a sailboat. It could become particularly difficult to get out, especially if your jackets inflate automatically when in contact with the water that has entered previously, you should have jackets that can deflate.


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