Visit to the Lanterna (lighthouse) of Genoa

The Lanterna di Genova seen from the beginning of the wooden walkway.

I remember years ago, the quay tale of a Miami motor yacht commander, who asked what that new lighthouse was down there. The sailors of Milan replied to him that he was the Lantern and this said that knowing the port of Genoa had never seen it … they replied that it was there, at least since 1300. In short, the day after this crashed against the wall of the port and was fired by his Russian shipowner.

Apart from this funny preamble, yesterday Elvis, a German friend of mine, asked me to go and see a new place, something special … so I decided to take him to see the park of Peralto, but passing by Carignano, he said that he had never gone to see the Lantern.

We say that the visit is not recommended for people who suffer from vertigo or who have heart problems, women with heels or in days of strong wind or thunderstorms, due to the risk of lightning. Given these warnings yesterday we went there anyway … with strong wind, it took us a while to figure out where to get in, we were going to desist, but I never give up, even though we actually got there perfectly with the Mini, we went back to park at the ferry terminal to think about getting from the AMT shuttle, which is only for the return, free, but only for the return. So we started walking and we did the whole walk that leads to the catwalk to the entrance of the Lanterna di Genova. Paid the tickets we entered the museum, very beautiful and very interesting made inside the house of riflemen. Inside there are several drawings of the lantern, its instruments, the projects and the technical drawings of the headlights and light bulbs of other lights. There are also video documentaries and explanations on how the Lantern was built and why, photographs of the port of the past and many other interesting information.

The lantern seen from the entrance with the emblem of Genoa.

After the visit to the museum you start to climb towards the base of the Lanterna, where you have made a beautiful view with a wonderful view, and from there you climb up to the entrance of the Lantern, once you enter you have to wait for some people they descend to go up, because they can only climb 25, for safety reasons, along the narrow and steep series of steps. Go up the 172 steps, you get to the middle of the Lantern and you go out on the balcony that goes around the building. As soon as we left, we were literally moved by the strong north wind, so much so that we had to keep close. Elvis made the rounds, took two pictures and then immediately fell on the fly … but we stayed on a lot of time to take lots of photos and videos, even if you had to keep the phone tight by the strong wind.

The visit will take you to the middle of the Lanterna, because you can not reach the top, where the rotating projector is located, because it is a military zone and therefore no access. But already from about 60 meters high you can enjoy a wonderful view of the entire port and the whole city, both in the west and in the east. A panoramic view of Genoa so beautiful you can not have it if not from the Lanterna, so it’s worth paying five I was reduced or six euros whole to enjoy a wonderful view of the city of Genoa.

If you want to arrive by car, give me a straight, parked in Piazzale San Benigno and in front of you will find an entrance with stairs that is grafted onto a wooden suspended walk, without signs or signs, that will take you to the Lanterna. This way you will avoid all the walk from the ferry terminal and the entrance to the promenade.

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