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Stephen Augustus Kleckner

Analista, programmatore, sistemista informatico e amministratore di rete. Navigatore a vela dall'età fi 4 anni. Vivo tra Genova e Riccione, possiedo una MINI MORRIS 850 verdone. Gestisco appartamenti ad uso turistico. Sono appassionato di Fisica, di spazio. Adoro i LEGO e la natura. Adoro grigliare carne pesce ed in generale mi piace fare da mangiare. Cerco di risolvere i problemi che ho con i miei mezzi.

  • The privacy notice Privacy Warning: This network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic This warning message appears on 10.5 “iPad Pro devices with version 15.1. This warning does not appear on other devices updated to 15.2 and connected to the same network. What does the notice mean? The alert notifies you that you are on a network that does not have […]

  • The island of Biševo near the island of Vis Biševo Island is a small island east of the larger island of Vis. It can be reached by boat or by ferries or small boats that bring tourists back and forth from the island of Vis. The ferries mainly stop at the port of Porto Mezzo, where the tourists disembark and […]

  • They asked me whether from the top of the Teide volcano on the island of Tenerife in Spain you can see Morocco and its coasts. The answer is definitely no. In this article I will explain why and how to calculate it. As well as some curiosities about what you can really observe from Teide.