We are not all in the same boat..!

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A même that made me think a lot.

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Very current in these times. Indeed it is not true that we are all in the same boat, each of us at this moment is on very different boats and is facing the same storm, which can be associated with that of the COVID-19 pandemic with the our own means, as if we were all on different boats or ships. Maybe someone is together with other sailors on an aircraft carrier or inside a submarine, while others are alone on a MINI in the midst of waves of 10 meters … It’s not easy at all … unfortunately .. It would therefore be necessary to give targeted aid to the various strata of the population, but in what way, or unfortunately everyone has to get by on their own as in the middle of the sea? Perhaps we sailors know well, that when you are in a storm it is useless to scream in the wind or complain, but bigoted to try to keep the bar straight and concentrate so as not to lose your head in the tossing of the storm.

We are not all in the same boat. We are alle in the same storm.
We are not in the same boat. We are alle in the same storm.

Stephen A. Kleckner

I am a computer systems engineer and I have traveled extensively in the sky, on land and by sea. I love nature, the sea and skiing. I am very curious and I am passionate about physics. I have a Mini Morris 850 and I am passionate about LEGO. I love Star Trek.

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