The less known caves of the island of Biševo in Croatia

The island of Biševo near the island of Vis

Biševo Island is a small island east of the larger island of Vis. It can be reached by boat or by ferries or small boats that bring tourists back and forth from the island of Vis. The ferries mainly stop at the port of Porto Mezzo, where the tourists disembark and come back, other boats instead go around the caves of the island of Biševo. in Porto Mezzo there are restaurants, bathing establishments and a small tourist agglomeration. It is difficult to anchor ahead of Porto Mezzo due to a series of prohibitions, I recommend that you take a buoy to safely moor your boat and avoid getting in the way of the ferry. Also in the eastern part of the island there are some beautiful bays, one of these is Luca bay where you can anchor and safely.

The caves of the island of Biševo

In Italian Biševo is said Busi is a Dalmatian term of Venetian origin which means holes. Buso is also used as a term in Bologna and indicates a hole. The plural busi means holes, hence the name perhaps the island of holes. Is this perhaps because there are many holes on the island with its indented coast? I don’t know, but I do know that there are some caves on the island of Busi.

The main Blue Grotto

Biševo is an island near the island of Vis, a destination for many tourists precisely because there is a very famous cave called the Blue Grotto. I remember that, when I returned there, it was completely fenced off by floating buoys which prevented access from the sea. To visit the Blue Grotto you had to do it only with a guided tour using small boats that enter and exit quickly at a cost of about € 15 per person.

It is also dangerous to swim inside the cave, due to the series of boats entering and exiting alongside. Perhaps it is better to visit the cave during sunset where there is less passage of tourist boats, but you could miss the wonderful game of reflections that enter the cave during the day.

Near the Blue Grotto it is forbidden to anchor with the boat, certainly in August when I was there. Some guys on a rubber dinghy with Port Authority t-shirts approached and told us that it was forbidden to anchor, even if there is no prohibition on the cartography.

The cave of the monk seal near rt Biskup on the island of Biševo

Near rt Biskup instead there is a free and free floating cave, at least until I went there. no to capo Vescovo instead there is a free and free floating cave, at least until I went there. It is called the cave of the monk seal. The first cave on rt Biskup is difficult to identify, as it gets lost in the rugged coastline, but if you check the map you will find the spot easily. The entrance to the cave from the sea has a transverse crack that reaches up to sea level and you can also access it with a small boat. The cave is very long, bring a battery inside because you might find yourself in trouble without light. The most beautiful moment is sunset when the sunlight penetrates exactly inside the transversal slit, giving a wonderful play of light.

The second cave of the Tresjavac Bay on the island of Biševo

The second cave is the cave near the Tresjavac Bay, much more recognizable from the sea, because it is very wide. You will surely see it and you will have no difficulty in recognizing it. I advise you to anchor halfway between the two caves and not too close to the coast, the seabed is not very good and goes down quickly, as often happens in Croatia. In the second cave you can enter with your tires, I advise you to be careful of the engine and the sharp and sharp rocks that are inside the cave, they could cut the tubulars of your tender. You will notice that the cave is very large indeed. Inside the cave there is also a small pebble beach covered by the sea with some rocks.


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