Nomade II sailing boat in Rimini

I met the owner of this boat, who also gave me his business card … A great … the boat beats the Canadian flag, comes from Canada and it will be all round the Mediterranean, coast to coast, palm in the palm …

I found it on the pontoon “H” when I got off the sailboat. From what I understand they will have to sail a lot in the Mediterranean to follow the whole coast … I think we’ll meet again with the Nomade II sailboat.

They will go to Venice in the next days.

Do you think that the day (31 August 2018) by chance I started to search on Twitter Nomade II and I managed to find an account where the logbook of that day is also written: status / 353992930517729280

I enter their position below, you never know to recond them somewhere in the Mediterranean or in the world ….: Chronique 2013-39: Rimini

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