VIDEO – A bath in Alghero … with the foreigner ooooo (that would be me)

I was in Alghero, with the stranger (that I would be …) …

the legendary Venanzio and I, exhausted by a two-day sailing with strong wind on the west side of Corsica, from San Remo, with only salty food, for a small problem, finally landed, took two bicycles we went for a ride to Alghero …

When I saw this beach … I did not think twice … I placed the iPhone and I also recorded a small timelapse … beautiful beach, sea, slightly windy day, Sardinia, Alghero, with the foreigner … (that I would be …) …

We are back on a sailing boat in the marina below the castle of Alghero … what a nice bath … 🙂 What a beautiful Sardinia …!

(N.d.T The title of the post is a gag, on a song that was called “Voglio andare ad Alghero, in compagnia di uno Straniero” translated into English “I want to go to Alghero in the company of a Stranger”. The video of the song below … 🙂

Stephen A. Kleckner

My name is Stephen Augustus Kleckner and I am a boy born in Riccione but raised in Genoa, Italy and around the world as a parcel. I traveled a lot when I was little so I immediately had a very different vision of the world from my schoolmates and friends. I love sailing and sailing, I have circumnavigated Italy 31 times by sailing and done more than 45,000 miles by boat. I love the sea: I can't do without it, I also like mountain walks. I am a very curious person and I like to understand how things work. I am passionate about physics, so much so that I enrolled in university and devour every documentation that passes under my hand. I am also a collector of stamps and LEGO. I have a vintage MINI Morris from 1964. I am a computer systems engineer and analyst. I was a founding member of RICCIONE TV, but unfortunately I made the wrong partners. I love Star Trek and I think we are on a franklin of matter shooting in a dark galaxy, so we should be much more united and law-abiding and respect each other as a species, instead of wars among ourselves. I don't like extremism and fake news.

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