Best “focaccia al formaggio” in Genoa?

What is cheese focaccia?

Let’s start from the first consideration that the cheese focaccia is a product originating from the town of Recco, belin …! (Belin is an interlayer of the Genoese dialect)

Recco is close to Genoa and I recommend you go there immediately …! Unfortunately, however, there are few places now where the cheese focaccia is eaten well. In some restaurants I have been very disappointed when I went with customers.

But if you are in Genoa, where to eat the best cheese focaccia?

If you are in Genoa, through the alleys, I recommend you go and eat the best Recco cheese focaccia you can eat in Genoa center. Yes, because at Locanda Tortuga you can eat, in my opinion, the best cheese focaccia you can eat in Genoa. I tell you this because I have tried several. I’ll also explain why. The focaccia is from Recco.

The original recipe

Enzo is a gentleman in his sixties, who comes from Recco with his Vespa every day to make the dough for cheese focaccia. The dough is the standard one, without adding anything, the original Recco recipe, as it should be.

So the recipes, which are recipes for this very reason, must be respected, otherwise what tradition would be … belin …! Then, the focsteel, following the traditional recipe, prepares the very thin sheet at the moment and cooks the cheese focaccia in the oven over high heat.

The restaurant is a restaurant in an old inn with stone walls on two floors. Very welcoming and reserved, the restaurant can accommodate several people in the room below, all with bricks for life. Bernardo, my friend, will be waiting for you … tell him that you have read this blog and ask for the discount …! I would be happy if someone went there telling him that he read this blog … because apart from all the focaccia, the cheese is really good.

See you soon and enjoy your meal …; P

Map to reach the inn

Below you can see the map of where the Locanda Tortuga is in the alleys of Genoa. Near the Porta Soprana, where is the house of Columbus, the one who discovered America … (not Amerigo Vespucci .. Columbus discovered America .. Columbus, from Genoa … just to do clarification)

Below you can see a video of how the Recco cheese focaccia is cooked in the oven of Locanda Tortuga in Genoa.


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