[VIDEO] – Dolphins between Terrasini and Ustica

Arriving to the island of Ustica from Terrasini in Sicily, where we left in the morning with a beautiful sailboat, around eleven o’clock morning, we came across a beautiful pack of dolphins . It was a decidedly large pack. These dolphins behaved differently from those I normally saw, perhaps more accustomed to passing ships. In particular, this herd was immediately divided into two parts , the youngest and most curious, immediately headed for the boat, but they did not immediately go under the bow, while the elders of the pack were far away from the boat, all the time, they circled with wide circles following the boat. The young and playful dolphins went to the bow at the end and tried with their eyes to observe these humans looking down from the deckhouse. Friendly and loving …

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Fri Aug 30 , 2019
This summer I’m back in Sicily We made beautiful trips around all the islands, Vulcano, Lipari, Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea, Salina, we went to make beautiful visits to the wineries on the islands and for fruit fields, we went to the caves and went for splendid baths with wonderful seabeds. But every time we approached Stromboli, I expressed my dissent, because […]
Screenshot esplosione Stromboli

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