VIDEO – Mooring with Bora wind on the quay

The video starts with a boy,

that is spinning a summit, very quietly, even if the weather situation, maybe it would require a little ‘more speed … while it is about to enter another boat that has to moor alongside. At the beginning of the video you do not notice … but if you look at the top right you will see it enter …

Notice the expertise of the Skipper with the white T-shirt, with which speed takes control of the barcas and performs the maneuver, but the wind almost blocks his embrace in reverse and he with a nice shot of the engine manages to straighten up and enter almost perfectly … A nice maneuver with a strong side wind … a maneuver at the end also simple, because the wind takes him in the stern, but still made difficult by the strong wind in the marina.

We hope this year not to take Bora in Croatia … this video, however, shows how often there is the need to know how to moor with strong winds, especially in Croatia. Perhaps even the weather is changing very abruptly in these years.

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