This little object, will be useful also in sailing boat!

It’s a simple Bluetooth receiver! Yes…! A very simple bluetooth receiver …! Nothing more, but will turn your life into a boat, especially if you have people who want to send music and keep tampering with the stereo settings, shooting the music at full throttle, completely canceling the VHF sound, but they do not know what says that radio …

This object instead can help you … it turns on, it receives the audio, from the phone or from the Bluetooth source, and it shoots it inside the mini jack which in turn must be inserted inside the AUX jack of the car radio of the boat. That’s all! Done, you are now hearing the music from your cellphone, which you can raise and lower from the volume keys ….

Suddenly you have your boat in Bluetooth. Instead of all those portable speakers that you have to place anywhere on the boat, and sooner or later they’ll finally end up in the water, with this simple Bluetooth receiver, you can turn your boat’s stereo into a Bluetooth receiver … you can keep the your phone inside in your pocket, and shoot the music, quietly in the middle of the boat, where the receiver will receive the Bluetooth signal will send it inside the stereo, the stereo itself with the right balance, and the audio configurations of the boat as you want, it will play the music out inside in the dinette or in the external cockpit … without various distortions due to people who modify the balance.

I must say that I tried it all this summer thank you. It’s really cool. In addition to the fact that he holds the charge a lot, almost two days, it works quite well. The only problem is from 10 meters, or you are right in the bow, in the pulpit, the signal sometimes feels a little worse.

We could not notice, no problem from the point of view of sudden disconnections. The only problem is that when you get too far from the receiver, of course, the audio suffers a little. Above all it is affected by the quality of the music. But if we have the stereo, near the ladder, and we are sitting on the bench, with the phone resting on the table of the cockpit, it feels perfectly. It can also be used as a telephone box, meaning that by amplifying phone notifications you can also hear it when you are at the helm or while you are at the bow.

You can also use it as a receiver connected to a pre-amplified speaker.

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