VIDEO … On any island 🏝 … on a beach 🏖 in any country …

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In ancient times …

… On any island 🏝 … on a beach 🏖 in any country … Let’s do an experiment … 🎛🔬⚗ … but how much plastic is there ???

Unfortunately, this is the only original video left, since I lost my mobile phone at sea, where the originals were saved, obviously without having backed up, during the photographic set of the Illumia boat with Michele Zambelli.

Look at the amount of plastic …

Look at how much plastic I have collected in less than half an hour and how much diversity of types of products we find on the beaches.

Then think that all these objects are destroyed by the stones that break up the plastic they are made of until it becomes micro plastic.

What can you do too …

First of all you can properly throw the plastic in the garbage bins that you should find on your path or adjacent to the beach, if you do not find them, you can put the plastic, cigarette butts in a bag and remember to take them away.

When you are on vacation you could do the experiment that I did too, so you could help clean the sea and the beaches … it’s cool …

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Stephen A. Kleckner

I am a computer systems engineer and I have traveled extensively in the sky, on land and by sea. I love nature, the sea and skiing. I am very curious and I am passionate about physics. I have a Mini Morris 850 and I am passionate about LEGO. I love Star Trek.

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