Possible an unhindered route from Russia to Pakistan?

Is this route really possible?

In these days a RAI 1 quiz have asserted that a sea route from Pakistan to Russia was possible, right by right without colliding against any obstacle. I tried to run it with Google Earth PRO, but I was unable to make one, for each route that I enter from Pakistan to Russia, I was unable to make one that does not avoid passing over the islands.

It could be that they intend to “leave from Russia” as starting from the islands of the Andreanof islands in the Aleutian archipelago in Alaska or crashing against the Sandwich South islands or against Coronation Island.

In short, as you turn it, from the mainland of Russia, from the northern tip over the Gulf of Ozernoi, in the Kamchata up to the other side of the world in Pakistan at the height of Karachi.

It is difficult to be able to make such a route, either because of the difficulty of drawing it on Google Earth PRO, or in the event of a real attempt at navigation, due to the fact that it would pass very close to the south pole and especially under the roaring 50 ° .. in short you should sail through the most dangerous seas in the world. It would be around 19848 nautical miles.

The longest straight line: you can sail almost 20,000 miles in a straight line from Pakistan to the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. [720x360]

The longest straight line: you can sail almost 20,000 miles in a straight line from Pakistan to the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. [720×360]

Try it too, some advice

You can do it too, you could try with Google Earth PRO or with a navigation software to make the route and see if the route passes over anything, I can give you an advice, to get an easy picture of the situation, you have to use the legend of the altitudes and depths, by clicking on show elevation profile, so on the fly you can immediately see if there is a drop or a depression, in my case there was always a drop of at least 9 meters, which was given precisely by the fact that the route passed above the islands, just left or near the south pole. Also you can use the ruler tool, am when you go to use it, you will find that Google Earth PRO obviously tries to make the route less long, therefore trying to pass over the earth, but if you make a point near Coronation Island, near the pole south, you will be able to break through the pole. Be careful though, we said that the route must be straight by straight, so without changing the course angle … or of course you will have to change it in navigation, now we are not going to explain rhumb and orthodrome, in short, there must be no angles on the arc that is perhaps between the two points.

And instead it really exists … here is the solution …

I found an article that talks about the kepleronlyknows hypothesis, named after the user who in December 29, 2012 posted on Reddit the: “longest line that can be sailed on land without colliding land from Pakistan to east of Russia” by drawing what is called the strange line strange line, strange only because who does not conceive the spherical earth and who does not know the difference between rhumb lines and orthodrome. Here you can see the article, know that there is some math to do. https://arxiv.org/pdf/1804.07389.pdf

I leave you all considerations, but at the bottom of the article it is clearly written: “The authors do not recommend sailing or driving along the found paths.” That is: “the authors not recommending to sail along this route”

The concept is to start near Las Bela, Pakistan 25 ° 17’00 “N 66 ° 40’00” E, and arrive directly without crashing into the earth in 58 ° 37’00 “N 162 ° 14’00” E that it would be Karaginsky District in Kamchatka Krai in Russia. I tried to do it, but in any case I always hit something


Longest Straight Line Paths on Water or Land on the Earth

This Is the Longest Straight Line You Could Sail

The ‘Cooke passage’ : a new world’s longest straight-line sail ?

I also attach the .kml file that I found:  http://misoft.online.fr/Marine_GeoGarage/Pakistan_Siberia_GeoGarage.kml

The longest straight line: you can sail almost 20,000 miles in a straight line from Pakistan to the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. [720×360] from MapPorn


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